New 3D technology; improve footfall, increase sales

The solution is designed to help brands stand out amongst the crowd, by creating a 3D holographic image, which appears to float in mid-air.

The launch of Hypervsn™has seen instant success, with brands including Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Carrefour and Pernod Ricard, amongst those who have deployed the solution.

Images are created using one or more Hypervsn™ units, each comprising of 4 arms with mounted LEDs. Once switched on, the device rotates at speed to display 3D rendered images or videos. These images or videos can be uploaded and displayed using a cloud based management platform.

Custom-made 3D content can be specifically created for clients. Furthermore a content creation tool provides allows clients themselves to transform their 2D assets into 3D visuals suitable for Hypervsn™.

Hypervsn™ units weigh around 3kg each and can be combined to create larger images of up to four metres, by syncing together. There are also various accessories available to mount projection units to ceilings, walls etc.

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